Tuesday, April 24, 2007

if you ever felt like everyone was against you, remember they can be wrong

Below is a nice collection of quotations (unverified) that turned out to be very wrong. Many of the quotes are from very famous and respectable people. Maybe we should stop underestimating ourselves so much?

Friday, April 13, 2007

It should have been more better handled than that.

Principal, Teachers Resign After Sex Tape Released To Parents

Will someone please think of the children?

"Parents of Sandridge School students agree. They say some students were aware of the alleged misconduct long before parents found out about it. They also say they think more should have been done to protect the students."

"They should have handled the situation better than what they're doing. It's like they're more laid back about it," said parent Kareem Moseley, "and not only that – kids don't need to see nothing like that. It should have been more better handled than that."

I wonder if any of the teachers caught on tape taught English?

"Izzo said Cook County sheriff's police are investigating the case, including how someone got access to a school office and planted a recording device. The school board is interested in having them prosecuted."

Yeah, those pesky Parents again, trying to protect the students. Or, maybe it was a elementary school student filmographer? Possibly it was s Fox Reality TV show crew? Anyway, seems like the illegal recording of three individuals was in the public interest in this case. Or, the interests of "protecting the students."

Seems more like we should protect the parents from our teachers. Seriously, I don't care if 3 of my kid's teachers are having a bunch of consensual, legal fun in private. But, bring it to the school and you should be fired.

For the children's sake, let us hope that Sandridge School students can fight through this muck of sex and poor grammar.

CBS news report similar to CSI Miami episode

Seems like CBS is getting their news from CSI Miami scripts. CBS reported today on a baseball agent who was found guilty of smuggling 5 Cuban nationals into the US. I remember THAT episode of CSI Miami. I pretty much stopped watching CSI Miami because of the landmines on Miami Beach. Not like they didn't already jump the shark, but they broke my camel's back with that straw lashing.

I'm suprised CBS didn't link to the episode on Itunes.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Buzzillions.com - Search for what you want by reviews, not by product.

Buzzillions.com is a new site that allows users to search through product reviews from many major online retailers. Through Buzzillions.com, you can search for "Backpacks." Then, you can refine your search based on specific backpack's with a "Best Use" for Day Trip or Extended Hike, and with the Pro's of "Comfortable" and "Durable." Search results display product reviews prominently, and allow you to quickly search available products based on detailed reviews.

Most web retailers use a product based method to help customers make buying decisions. For example, an online retailer has a big database of products. They know detailed information about each product, i.e. Widget X is this big, this wide, this color, has this feature, etc. Naturally, most E-commerce searches are based on these product attributes. A quick visit to priceline.com, shopping.yahoo.com, et. al., would show that a large number of products are sold by many retailers. This forces a retailer to use the Product's Price to differentiate their Widget X from another retailer selling the exact same product on these marketplaces. This is good for the consumer, but bad for the retailer. Also, one might find as the price for an item goes down on these marketplace sites, eventually it becomes unprofitable to sell that item. Few successful businesses were built on the concept of selling items for a loss, but people continue to try. When their intial funding runs out, these businesses shut their doors and leave customers in the wind.

Amazon.com, and other retailers, assist customers in their buying decisions using complicated mathematical algorithms based off previous behavior, Customer Reviews, and other user generated content. These are effective methods of helping customers choose which item will fit their needs.

Buzzillions.com goes deeper, and asks more questions. It seems to be the highest refinement of product review searches on the web. Beats epinions.com hands down.

Feel free to comment, and tell me why you think I am wrong.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Review of an Ipod Speaker System for your office

I was tired of plugging my ipod into my computer speakers every time I brought my Ipod to the office. Then, I had to connect my AC adapter for the Ipod to charge. Ugh. You should see me crawling around on my office floor every day.

Using this Ipod speaker system, I can just drop the Ipod into the dock, grab the remote, and cycle through my Ipod playlists and songs. Now I can grab the Ipod easily every time I need to leave the office, and I just drop it into the dock when I come back. The speakers sound better than the AM/FM Cd player I used when my I forgot to charge my Ipod.

Just my 2 cents,