Friday, April 13, 2007

It should have been more better handled than that.

Principal, Teachers Resign After Sex Tape Released To Parents

Will someone please think of the children?

"Parents of Sandridge School students agree. They say some students were aware of the alleged misconduct long before parents found out about it. They also say they think more should have been done to protect the students."

"They should have handled the situation better than what they're doing. It's like they're more laid back about it," said parent Kareem Moseley, "and not only that – kids don't need to see nothing like that. It should have been more better handled than that."

I wonder if any of the teachers caught on tape taught English?

"Izzo said Cook County sheriff's police are investigating the case, including how someone got access to a school office and planted a recording device. The school board is interested in having them prosecuted."

Yeah, those pesky Parents again, trying to protect the students. Or, maybe it was a elementary school student filmographer? Possibly it was s Fox Reality TV show crew? Anyway, seems like the illegal recording of three individuals was in the public interest in this case. Or, the interests of "protecting the students."

Seems more like we should protect the parents from our teachers. Seriously, I don't care if 3 of my kid's teachers are having a bunch of consensual, legal fun in private. But, bring it to the school and you should be fired.

For the children's sake, let us hope that Sandridge School students can fight through this muck of sex and poor grammar.

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notamagicbox said...

Chicago Tribune
printed an article with better interview statements.

"Palcu noted that parents of Sandridge students were concerned about the principal's lack of judgment and the fact that the sexual encounters could have happened while school was in session. If that's true, Coleman could face official misconduct charges, Palcu said."